The meaning of “CW.Center” and what we do

CW.Center is the abbreviation of Christian Web Center.

CW.Center want to help the world know more about our faith, and help christian know more about each other.

Currently, we provide two service:

  1. Website Building: Our platform helps churches, fellowships and individuals to build website with simple tools. Build your own website today and share your faith with the world!
  2. Posts aggregation: We aggregate posts published on any website built on our platform, then share them to people interest in them. Learn how to follow these posts!

What do you think about CW.Center? How can we further improve our service?

Comment this post below to tell us!

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  1. I’m Bangladeshe. our country is very poor. our people 90% Muslim. only.0.3%Christian. pray for my county. I love my county. God bless you.

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